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Published: 26th March 2012
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Pune has seen a sea change, being recognized as a global destination and an industrial metropolis to reckon with. Pune properties are making the growth along with prospects, excellent connectivity and educational facilities. Pune's realty market has matured offering staggering choices and building a competitive environment for developers. Constructing a mere standalone building, developers in Pune are now offering concepts like integrated townships, green homes, smart or super-luxury homes. The property in Pune has seen a tremendous transformation in recent times. Developers, too are constantly on the lookout for new ways to differentiate their offerings.

The emerging trend is looking for an abode that offers absolute luxury, peace and serenity. Today, luxury apartments, row and penthouses are some of the main avenues for high end investments in Pune. The Property in Pune is only rising upwards and will continue to do so resulting in these investments being a wise decision to make in the long run. Now a days investors and builders are pushing the envelope in making the real estate market in the city one of its kind. This has given a strong thrust to wealth and development in the city.

Pune property is not only offering a wide range of commercial projects over there but it is also turning a many people's dream come true by offering a wide range of good residential projects at affordable prices. The Pune Developers have played a key role towards making this city as the most preferable one to own a dream home. The Kolte Patil Developers is the leading name in the list of Pune Developers. The company has not only offered residential projects over there, but it has also offered a wide range of commercial properties over there in the form of Schools, Office Spaces, Hotels, Highways, Hospitals, Malls and much more... The company has launched a wide range of its residential projects which will turn all class of people's dream come true. Margosa Heights, Green Groves, Ivy Estate etc. are the name of some residential projects that are being offered by this group in Pune.

In Pune there are different developer like Kolte Patil, Kalpataru, PRA Realty, Kumar Builders and so on... who all are coming with different residential property defining the needs of the people. In residential property market the property are discribed in 3 different division Premium property, Luxury property and Super Luxury property. In Pune now a days people are looking for the residential property where they can find the peace for there family and can spend ample of time with their loved ones a life in their own right.

While considering residential property in Pune people are considering a number of variable like the level of traffic congestion and pollution should be less, the availability of basic facilities such as water and of course quality of the neighborhood should be good. Fortunately pune is not a sea locked city like Mumbai and there was scope for looking further ahead for residential property.

There are other developers as well in Pune such as Panchsheel Builders, Marvel Builders etc. that has launched their residential projects. Developers of Pune are upgrading the lifestyle of the people by offering their new residential projects in a more simplified form. These lucrative deals are not only attracting Puneities to sign on the dotted line but a fairly large number of investors in these properties consist of Non Resident Indians (NRI's). Pune is witnessing a large influx of these NRI's who are trying to find their roots and are looking to settle in the city.

Apart from great architecture and incredible features what makes the projects developed by the Pune Developers as the most preferable ones, is the price affordability at which those projects are being offered. With the introduction of affordable residential and commercial projects at the city of Pune, people have started to make their dreams come true at that city only, which is having its close proximity with Mumbai. The Pune Developers are putting their best efforts to make the living of the people over there blessed with all the comforts, luxuries and pleasures of living.

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